Insight into . . . Weddings With Insight

Beauty and the Beast was my favorite of the Disney movies growing up. It still is. The part that always gets me is when Mrs. Potts (a.k.a. Angela Lansbury) sings “Something There” in her charming English accent while Belle and the Beast are having a lighthearted moment in the snow after the Beast saves Belle from the ferocious wolves. It is during this scene that Belle sees the Beast for what he truly is underneath his bad temper and fur: a caring, misunderstood person.

Although one need not go as far as battling wolves in the forest and of course no bride and groom are Beast-like(!), I believe that in order to authentically represent a couple’s essence in a wedding, one needs to understand their experiences. I adore going to weddings that feel insightful, unique- like they could belong to no one else but the couple of honor themselves. That is what I aspire to nurture and bring out when I am lucky enough to be asked to plan someone’s wedding. As a third grade teacher, I have learned how to inspire the best in my students by playing to their interests and learning styles. Likewise as a wedding coordinator, I get to know the wedding couple as people and reflect the core of who they are in the details of the design and ambiance of their special day.

If this sounds like a concept that you appreciate as well, please stay tuned for creative wedding ideas, fun engagement shoots, and amazing weddings to come. True to my business name, Weddings With Insight, I will also be giving you some insight into why these ideas are so eye-catching, what brought these couples to their engagement (I love a good proposal story- just ask my husband who has heard me exclaim and beg numerous times to hear “the story!”), and what makes these couples tick! Pinterest finds, crafts, photo shoot pictures, and wedding images will be coming this way soon.

I hope to gain some insight into who you are too! I welcome any comments, suggestions, and questions. Feel free to “Like” my Facebook page, comment on my blogs, follow them if they are helpful to you, and email me at

Now I feel like watching Beauty and the Beast . . .:)