The Trifecta of Workout DVDs!

 When I was engaged, I did not want to go on a crash diet, starve myself, or make working out my second job. Frankly, I just didn’t want to be miserable or work that hard.

Instead, I just wanted to eat healthier and be more toned.

During the year I was engaged, I gained some nice definition in my arms, and when my sister Leslie saw me in workout clothes in the summer, she said, “Oh my gosh! You have a four-pack!!” (Now, it may not have been a six-pack, but I was going to take whatever I could get;) Can women even have six-packs??

Through healthy eating and working out two to three times a week regularly, I managed to become more toned and ended up losing about 6 or 7 pounds too!

So as to use my time effectively, and in order to multi-task and cook healthier meals, I mainly used three workout DVDs.

I began with a lower-impact Women’s Health workout DVD called, “The Wedding Workout.” 

This was a good one to start out with and ease into since I hadn’t been working out regularly. The pre-programmed workouts include a focus on the “Strapless Dress” which gives you a week’s worth of suggested exercises focusing on the upper body (3 days of upper body and 2 days of lower body) and “Hip Hugger Dress” which gives you a week’s worth of suggested exercises focusing on the lower body (3 days of lower body and 2 days of upper body.) You can also customize your workout from the warm-up (4 minutes), power cardio (11 minutes), upper body (12 minutes), lower body (11 minutes), abs & core (11 minutes) and cool-down (3 minutes) The bonus sections are: “Love Your Honeymoon” (which, truthfully, is a bit awkward to watch), “Walk Gracefully” (posture tips), and “Eat Smart” (just eat like a bear- salmon, nuts, and berries!)

Once I got the hang of that one, I alternated it with another Women’s Health DVD called, “Total Workout in Ten.” The idea behind it is that the workouts for cardio, lower body, upper body, and flexibility and balance are 10 minutes long each. I liked the short bursts of time since I’m not much of an endurance person! Amy Dixon cues you for the next movements very well, and she’s encouraging without being overly peppy and annoying:) The morning after a workout, I would wake up sore, but satisfied that something was working!

Finally, I incorporated one more DVD into my routines, Women’s Health’s “Ultimate Fat Burn.” (I figured I would continue with the tried and true since I was clearly seeing results.) For me, this was the most challenging of the three DVDs, so if I was considering using it on a certain day, I definitely had to decide whether I had enough energy left in me to do it! Amy Dixon uses weight training, cardio, core and balance, and some plyometrics in a circuit style in this workout. It’s a shorter workout, so good for days when I was pressed for time, but still wanting to fit a workout in.

For me, this trifecta of workout DVDs was exactly what I was looking for to get in wedding shape. I graduated from 3 pound weights, to 4 pounds, to 5 gradually. I saw positive results in pretty much every part of my body. Everyone’s different, and has different expectations for themselves and levels of exercise tolerance. This is what worked for me when I was engaged, so I wanted to share it with those interested and looking for a new workout routine.

Do what works for you!

3 thoughts on “The Trifecta of Workout DVDs!

  1. Jackie, you did indeed have a 4-pack! And although I had to be coaxed into getting off my butt and joining in, I actually ended up enjoying doing the DVD workout with you!

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