Home Goods and… Vintage Décor?!

So Home Goods is one of my favorite stores at which to shop for home items since it has a variety of merchandise, affordable prices, and is constantly receiving new products.

What some people might not think of is using those “Home Goods” as wedding décor!

A couple of the brides with whom I am working have a vintage feel to their weddings, so I went shopping for some ideas.

 Here are some pictures from my last visit there and ideas for how to bring items together as wedding vintage décor…

Platters for serving appetizers or dessert:


Cake stand!

Candle holders to create ambiance with lighting…

Mini-suitcases to hold your gift cards or display your favors/place cards:

Keys- you can write a funny little pun to go with them like, “We found the key to our hearts” or “You are the key to our happiness”;)

This message could be written on a corkboard or expressed through artwork.

Owls = wisdom

Hollow books can be used in lieu of table numbers:

I even came across a side table made of hollow books! 

This table could be used to display pictures of the bride and groom or married wedding guests in these photo frames:

An accompanying hour glass/small standing clock, or hanging clock could represent the passage of time for married couples or time beginning anew for the bride and groom…

Vintage globes can depict the travels and adventures of the bride and groom to come!

Home Goods and Vintage… Who knew?!

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Ideas? Thoughts? Insights? I'd love to hear them!

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