Use Your Senses to De-Stress!

I subscribe to the California Educator Magazine and in a recent issue, they featured an article entitled, “It makes sense to use your senses to de-stress.”

Although this article is geared toward educators and their school-related stress, I have adapted it for wedding de-stressing purposes here…


Wear soft fabrics like cashmere or silk, as these materials can lower blood pressure.

Pet an adorable animal.

Get a massage.

Take a warm shower or bath.

Hug someone you love!


Inhale the aroma of baked goods.

Smell fresh flowers.

Calm yourself with scents like vanilla, green apple, lavender, orange, sandalwood, or jasmine.


Eat comfort food in moderation to soothe your nerves.

Eat dark chocolate and drink wine for antioxidants.

Treat yourself to some creamy delights such as pudding and ice cream!


Look at a cute baby picture! These adorable pictures are ones taken by Jeromy Robert

Gaze at pictures with peaceful scenery.

Use cool colors like green, blue, or violet in pale hues, as well as earth tones such as beige, brown, and sand as an antidote to stress.


Listen to slow instrumental music…

…music with pleasant associations…

…calming nature sounds…

…white noise…

…and silence.


Listen to a joke.

Watch a funny movie.

Read a humorous novel.

Look at funny clips on YouTube.

Happy De-Stressing!

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