Spotlight on Seasons Catering

Weddings With Insight by Jackie Murphy’s last spotlight was on the wedding band You Were Great Last Night. Here is another spotlight on an amazing wedding vendor… Seasons Catering! Seasons is run by two friends, Daisy and Gabrielle, who have known each other since middle school- how’s that for long-standing rapport??

1.) What is the history behind Seasons Catering?

Seasons Catering was started in 2000 while Gabrielle, was the executive chef at the Santa Barbara Polo Club. She found that a lot of the members there would hire her to cater their private events. . . so why not go into business for yourself and not work for someone else? We’ve been going strong for 12 years now!

2.) What three adjectives would you use to describe your catering business?

Innovative, Delicious, Attentive.

3.) You and Gabrielle were our two main contacts at Seasons for our wedding and have such a great balance as a duo. How do you define your complimentary roles?

We’ve been friends for years (since middle school) so that helps! We know each other well. Also, we have very yin and yang qualities. She’s very quiet (that’s why she’s a chef. . . behind the scenes) and I love to chat and plan weddings (the teacher in me). But we also have similar personalities, we are both very driven, and have high expectations. We have the utmost trust in each other’s abilities to do what is best for Seasons. We can recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses and not allow the other to take over when their strengths are appropriate. When I started working for Gaby, 4 years ago, I realized we were a very good match and that I LOVE my job. . . we joke with each other that we’re the only two people who can handle our controlling natures. . . except our husbands who are extremely similar and very laid back! We laugh at each other and with each other and we are very good friends. . . that’s the main thing.

4.) Seasons prides itself on providing a customized menu for every event. Favorite menu to date?

Too hard to choose! Trends change every year and we are always having fun with new ideas. Last year it was tapas, this year we’re seeing lots of grilled pizzas and fun family style menus! Ultimately, we love the seasonal menus. There is nothing like a pot pie in the fall and caprese salad in the summer or some sweet carrots in the spring!

5.) What sets you apart from other caterers?

Our high quality of service, and our attention to detail. Everyone caterer believes that they have great service, but time and time again we are thanked by clients for our good service. Our simple preparations and seasonal menus are always delicious and we pride ourselves on the beautiful presentation of our food. I made the mistake early on of saying to Gaby, “No one will even notice if that carrot is pointing the other direction…” Her reply: “I’ll notice! And my expectations are that it looks and tastes perfect.”

6.) You cater other events besides weddings! What are some examples?

We do everything! We work quite a bit with the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara doing their intimate dinner parties and their large donor appreciation parties. We’ve catered many non profit events, such as the Community Memorial Hospital Benefactor’s Ball, and National Charity League Jr’s Gala. We do birthday parties, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet 16’s. . . you name it! We love doing small dinner parties in the homes of our clients as well. It brings the fine dining experience to your home. Oh, and we work with some great vacation rental properties to provide private chef services while the guests are on vacation!


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