Date Night!!

Date Night.

My favorite night of the week!

My cute, nerdy husband and I have shared this Wednesday night tradition ever since we began dating, almost five and a half years ago!

Sometimes it can be fancy…

… sometimes it can be very low-key…

…Or in between…

Sometimes it just involves eating and chatting, sometimes we throw an activity into the mix…


What did we do recently for date night? Well, we ate here…

– and then played this!

I suck at this game and lost most of the rounds we played (I think my Uno karma is like my parking karma- terrible!!), but it was still fun:)

All-time favorite Date Night spot?

Where we first met (who says you can’t meet your future spouse at a bar?!)

Brian’s favorite beer is Guinness, and I just love the Seafood Irish Boxty there… Mmmm!

Why is this tradition so important to us?

1.) This is our “sacred” night (friends know that we don’t make any other plans on Wednesday, unless it is a double date!) where we just spend time with each other.

2.) Wednesday is the perfect day as it is mid-week and breaks up the week for us. We feel refreshed and revitalized for the end of the week!

3.) The message behind it is: you are the most important person in my life.

Some people may find it a bit too “planned,” but in our busy world, who better to have a regular, weekly appointment with than your significant other??

We recommend this to any and all couples who don’t have a Date Night yet!

If you participate in “Date Night,” where are your favorite hangout spots? Any other fun traditions you suggest?


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