Scouting For the Perfect Location to get Married…

 This past weekend, I went scouting for a wedding location with a couple who are looking for a simple, rustic grassy backdrop for their intimate 20 to 25 person wedding!

I love their concept of having a natural setting, involving their sweet dog Lilly in their ceremony, and using charming wooden benches and mason jars to match their surroundings. With a small wedding, they are really keeping their wedding simple and true to the essence of who they are and what is important to them.

We met up at Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon and started off at Gwen Moore Lake…

We then stayed within the recreation area, but went to explore the Japanese Tea Garden!

It was filled with great colors, a romantic bridge, and beautiful lily pads and trees…

Possible ceremony aisle?

We then saw that there was a lower area of grass beyond the tea garden and went to explore!

We could see the city from here, yet had a quaint backdrop of trees and mountainside- the best of both worlds.

There was even a natural archway of trees…

We then went further up into the recreation area to Burke Roche Point and found a true treasure!

First there was the huge, sprawling green valley that I was so tempted to cartwheel down…

Then there were yellow and lavender flowers that were so sweet and natural…

In addition to amazing photo opportunities at this location, we also have probably found the place where this couple will be married!

Here it is!!

The groom-to-be mentioned that so many wedding shows make finding one’s wedding venue look so difficult, and yet we are pretty sure that we have found theirs after looking at two places;) It doesn’t have to be so complicated!

Sometimes you just know when you know, like with some other things in life:)

I am so thankful to be a part of this down-to-earth couple’s engagement adventure.

What a calming and inspiring excursion.


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