Ahhh! I’m Engaged and am Planning my Wedding! Where do I start?!

Feeling completely overwhelmed and lost as to where to begin?

Well first of all, congratulations on your engagement! This is an exciting time:)

Feeling overwhelmed is completely normal; there are so many components to planning a wedding!

As a wedding coordinator, I know what information is helpful for me to know when brides and grooms first contact me about my services.

As someone who got married just over a year ago and planned her own wedding (until we hired a “Month Of” coordinator to tie it all together for us- we are so glad we did!), I can also emphathize with what a huge process planning a wedding is!

Here are my suggestions to help with those first steps in planning a wedding…

1.) Decide what type of wedding you’d like to have- informal, semi-formal, formal, as well as overall style and theme.

2.) Make a list of your top priorities (sticking to the budget, a great party, photography, videography, lighting) as this will help guide your budget.

3.) Connect with everyone contributing to the wedding budget and hash out who is willing to pay for what. (Traditionally the bride’s family pays for the wedding and the groom’s family pays for the rehearsal dinner, but nowadays many families are pooling their resources or brides and grooms are also opting to pay for their own weddings- each family is different!)

4.) Purchase or use a binder to organize your wedding materials (budget sheet, checklists, vendor contracts, ideas from magazines, etc.)

5.) Decide on a wedding date (or an approximate wedding date to keep your options open) and begin looking for ceremony and reception venues.

6.) Choose a website’s checklist to keep you on track (I personally used The Knot’s checklist to keep my planning on track).

At this point, if you’re feeling in over your head or just know you don’t have the time to plan a wedding yourselves, consider hiring a wedding coordinator to help you. If you’re feeling great and enjoying the process, look out for a “Month Of” or “Day Of” coordinator to help tie all the loose ends together later on and create the vision you have for your special day!

Congratulations again, and good luck!!

Ideas? Thoughts? Insights? I'd love to hear them!

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