Figs, Pecans, and Cheese Toasts

Originally posted on LE ZOE MUSINGS:

It’s only 3pm and the day is over, literally! Not sure about where you live, but here in Boston it gets dark by 4:30pm. The days are cut short by 4 hrs as opposed to summer. This makes it harder to shoot food posts b/c of the lack of lighting. Not to mention, not all days are bright and cheery like summer AND I can only shoot when I am free from Ms. Zoey. 

This morning I did a ‘quick’ run to the market to get food for our little holiday dinner party this weekend. It wasn’t so quick as it turns out to be a 2 hr. ordeal. Don’t ask me how or how much I spent. None of which really came out as planned. Well, I actually didn’t have a budget but somehow it always come out A LOT more than anticipated. 

No, I don’t enjoy grocery shopping…

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