Now that we’ve heard “Wives’ Words, Part I” and “Wives’ Words, Part II,” it seems only fair that we hear the guys’ perspective. Okay, okay, so maybe I was not able to interview Brad Pitt to get his perspective quite yet, but I asked Linda’s husband Albert, Emily’s husband Dan, and Nancy’s husband Sean for their insights about marriage and weddings!

1.) What has married life been like for you so far?

Albert:Low expectation levels make for a high satisfaction rate: so I am very satisfied. Just kidding on the having low expectations part. But it’s an odd question. Not sure how to answer it. I don’t know how I’d live without my wife. We joke around and say “she completes me.” But it’s really only half a joke.  BTW, she never says “I complete her.”

Dan:This sounds cold, but when you’re closing in on a quarter-century with one person, it’s a little like a mortgage. …

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