Foodies, Feast Your eyes on These Hong Kong Delights!

My cute, nerdy husband and I set out for glittery Hong Kong for the holidays to visit my family and here is a recap, mostly of the food we gluttonously devoured…

We arrived the day before Christmas eve after a 16 hour flight (whew! That’s a lot of movie watching). We went over to my parents’ apartment for Christmas eve, and the tradition in my family is that we open presents on Christmas eve…

Here’s my sister and her boyfriend Jon sittin’ pretty, adorned with gift bows!


Christmas day brought not snow, but something better: dim sum!

dim sum collage

Chinese Santa also paid a visit to our table, heehee! I think he felt a little dwarfed by cute, nerdy, tall husband…

chinese santa

That evening, we went over to my aunt’s house and played a little Secret Santa with my mom’s family!


There were two extra gifts and we held a huge “Rock, Paper, Scissors” tournament for the gifts. Who won? The sistas, of course;)


The next evening, we honored the Tang Family Tradition of… Fondue Dinner!

fondue collage

The next day, we went to see Les Miserables (Anne Hathaway is my new favorite actress, sigh) and then, inspired by the phenomenal sounds of “I Dreamed a Dream,” we participated in a little Hong Kong karaoke!!

Brian does love his karaoke, and this experience was a unique one, with a private room, personal microphone for each of us, private restroom, and ability to order snacks and drinks to the room…


The next day, we crammed into a little place with yummy wonton noodles and beef brisket…

wonton collage

We went to visit my sister’s boyfriend Jon’s schnazzy music studio and then that evening went to Lei Yue Mun fishing village to truly get the Anthony Bourdain experience that Brian requested;)

This is seafood at its freshest…

lei yue mun entrance

lei yue mun

sampan hats

lei yue mun restaurant

fishing village group pic

fish tanks

big fish



Freshly opened scallops before our eyes…

uncooked scallops

Cooked with plenty of garlic and… Voila!

cooked scallops

Chinese food is not for the weak of stomach… Thousand-year-old eggs… Mmmm…


Sweet and sour pork!




Fish (one that we chose from the tank!)…


So fresh! More mouth-watering food and fun events to come in the next posting:)


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