Golfing, a Playful Puppy, and a Marriage Proposal!

 Alaina and Randy are getting married in March!

As soon as I met Alaina, I loved her warm, bubbly personality, sweet nature, and organization.

She and Randy are also one of the most photogenic couples I’ve seen… See for yourself!

Here’s their endearing engagement story…

When it happened

Monday, November 28, 2011

How it happened

(written by Alaina)

i’m pretty selfish when it comes to the time that i get to spend with randy. when he’s working, randy doesn’t get home until well after 9 pm, so on his days off, i really covet being able to eat dinner together and just hang out.
when i got home from work last monday, randy wasn’t home. i texted him to see what the deal was, and he said he was out shopping for golf balls (he was going golfing with a friend the next day). an hour later, i get a text saying he ended up at andrew’s (the friend) and was playing video games. he said he was leaving soon and would pick up dinner on his way home. another hour goes by, so i decide i should text him and see where he is. long story short, he didn’t end up getting home until around 8, and i was a little peeved. actually, probably a lot peeved. unfortunately for him, randy came home to a pouty girlfriend and a speech about how he sees andrew every day, he was going to be seeing him the next day, and how the evenings that we get to spend time together are important. each time i would bring it up, he would apologize, but there would be a slight smirk on his face or a little laugh in his voice. that should have been my first clue..

_MG_2473 copy
after we finished eating, randy wanted to go in the room to relax and watch friends, as we do on a pretty nightly basis. i didn’t really feel like just packing it in, so i said i wanted to stay at the table. randy went in the room anyway, and took [our dog] lilly with him. about a minute later, he comes out with lil, and she is running around like a crazy woman. i see him try and grab at her, which only makes her run faster around the living room because now she thinks it’s a game. randy finally entices her with a treat and picks her up. he comes over and says, “here, you take her,” putting her down in my lap. she has sat in my lap at the table before, but we have a bar-height table and chairs, so it’s super high up and just a little awkward for lilly. not to mention, randy doesn’t usually pick up our dog just to put her in my lap, so i found that a little odd.
then, randy turns lilly’s collar around on her neck, and i see the ring. i look up at him, and he has the biggest smile on his face. to be honest, the next few moments are a blur in my head with a mix of “i can’t believe this is finally happening” and “oh my god, this is really happening!” randy gets on one knee, in true traditional proposal fashion, and i’m pretty sure he tells me he loves me. then i hear, “baby, will you marry me?” to which i cleverly say, “maybe.” he starts taking lilly’s collar off so he can get the ring. i say, “of course i will marry you” and he slips it onto my finger. then we kissed each other like it was for the very first time.

i got up from the chair and we hugged and kissed some more. because the first time was a little blurry and i was so overwhelmed, i asked him to say the words again, just so they’d be a little clearer in my memory. so randy said, “will you marry me? you’re exactly what i’ve been looking for.” and me, being me, said, “i hope you stopped looking a while ago! because here i am!”
and the rest is history in the making ❤
do i feel bad for being upset with him when he first got home? yes and no. after almost 4 years together, randy knows exactly how crazy i can be, and for some reason he still loves me – both in spite of and for the things that would drive another person crazy about me. i’m not at all sad that he didn’t have it written in the sky or that it wasn’t at some fancy-schmance dinner in front of a bunch of strangers.. it was just how it should have been – just us (and of course, lilly) ❤ it was perfect.
oh, and randy never was at andrew’s – he was picking up the ring! totally fooled me..!!

_MG_2497 copy - Version 2

Stay tuned for more about this adorable couple!


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