The Proud Winners of a Flowergirl Basket and Ringbearer Pillow!

Last year, Etsy vendor Setting Up House… …and Weddings With Insight by Jackie Murphy hosted a flowergirl basket and ringbearer pillow contest! Here is our winning couple, Gina and Zach, with their winnings: Congratulations, Gina and Zach! Thank you to all who … Continue reading

Golfing, a Playful Puppy, and a Marriage Proposal!

 Alaina and Randy are getting married in March! As soon as I met Alaina, I loved her warm, bubbly personality, sweet nature, and organization. She and Randy are also one of the most photogenic couples I’ve seen… See for yourself! … Continue reading

Adventures in Hong Kong

My last posting was entitled, “Foodies, Feast Your Eyes on These Hong Kong Delights!”

cute snowmen

This posting focuses less on the food and captures some fun events of our trip to Hong Kong this winter…



Fun events like my sister’s boyfriend Jon making dinner for us and my father making his very first cat friend.

This is seriously the first cat to like my father.

Jon’s cat named Potter. He is very chubby, as you can see!


We have some Hong Kong skyline behind us as we hang out at the Race Track!


Finally, some jolly times at the Lily and Bloom New Year’s Eve Golden Ball!


My mom and dad were at a separate party, and here is my little ‘ol dad having a ball!

daddy new years

Back to Lily and Bloom…


A trip to Hong Kong was a great way to usher in 2013!

Foodies, Feast Your eyes on These Hong Kong Delights!

My cute, nerdy husband and I set out for glittery Hong Kong for the holidays to visit my family and here is a recap, mostly of the food we gluttonously devoured… We arrived the day before Christmas eve after a 16 … Continue reading

And the Winner is…

Here is the winner of the flowergirl basket and ringbearer pillow contest, hosted by Etsy vendor Setting Up House… …and Weddings With Insight by Jackie Murphy… The winner is… Drum roll, please… Gina Halliburton! Congratulations, Gina!