A Proposal in Disguise…

Britney and Ryan are getting married next month!

Thanks to Human Artwork for these serene engagement photos…


Here is their funny proposal story, as told by Britney…


On September 25th, 2012 Ryan took me to the place of our first date, Marina Del Ray. When we arrived at the harbor there was a gondola ride waiting for us. There was a man singing along to every italian song that played in backround as we were floating through the marina canal. We watched as the sun went down and seals swam  near our gondola. After about an hour Ryan told me we were going to dinner so we drove to our next destination.


close kiss

When we arrived I noticed that it was a cooking class so I immediately thought, “Well, he’s never going to propose here,” so I went inside with a little disappointment and started to cook. After about an hour when we sat down to eat one of our main courses Ryan asked, “Is something wrong?”



holding hands

and I replied, “No I’m fine” and he said, ” You’re not fine. You have been pouting for an hour, were you expecting me to propose?” and I replied “NO, maybe, YES but its fine not a big deal” he just laughed and we went to cook our last two courses.


When we made dessert, we were the first done so he said, “Let’s go sit upstairs in the loft” and I said, “Okay, whatever.” So we sat down and after a few minutes of eating and small talk he pulled out this little piece of paper and handed it to me and said, “Can you open this for me?” and I said “No, why don’t you open it.”


His reply: “Please, just open it,” so I replied, “UH okay, fine.” When I opened the paper it said, WILL YOU MARRY ME? and when I looked back at him he was on his knee with the ring and asked me again if I would marry him…


I was in such shock that all I said was, “Here???” he laughed and said, “Yes, here” and I said “YES, PUT THE RING ON!!!!” We hugged and kissed and laughed about my complete surprise and then he made fun of my response and shock.


And that is the story of how we got engaged!

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