Adorable Engagement Shoot in San Francisco!

Emily and Eisen are getting married in April!


Michelle Johnson Photography caught up with them in San Francisco for their engagement shoot… Adorable!


Michelle said: The San Francisco shoot with Emelie and Eisen was a blast. Emelie’s brother and his wife life in San Fran, so they go up there to visit. On one of their trips Eisen proposed at the bottom of Lombard Street. They wanted to take their engagement photos at the same place as the proposal, as well some of their other favorite locations. Emelie and Eisen have a silly and fun side to them so we took a lot of playful photos. They love coffee, so we had to hit up Starbucks and chatted. They also love going to wine bars so we found a really cool wine and beer bar to eat dinner and get to know each other. They have an adventurous side, so we found ourselves cliff side with the Golden gate in the background. This did scare Eisen a bit as he is a bit afraid of heights, but he went along with it as well as on a lake with Eisen rowing Emelie on a romantic adventure.



Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this playful couple:)

2 thoughts on “Adorable Engagement Shoot in San Francisco!

  1. Proposed in San Francisco……… can’t be more romantic! Don’t ever call it Frisco…….. very offensive to old farts like myself…………

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