Catalina Island: Island of Romance!

Last weekend, my cute, nerdy husband and I boarded the Catalina Express for the trip across the water to Catalina Island, also known as “the island of romance!”

catalina express boat

Catalina Express

Neither of us had ever been there before, and we loved how peaceful it was; it felt like we had traveled much further away than we had.



Avalon was so beautiful and everyone had that relaxed air of “ah, vacation” about them!

We stayed at Hotel St. Lauren…

hotel far


We got to play mini-golf, kayak, relax on the beach…

yacht club

mini golf

The food there was also pretty good!

Mmm, chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast- now that’s a vacay meal;) And yes, that is whipped cream on the side to add to the already sinful pancakes, muahahahaha!

chocolate chip pancakes

Brian and I went to Bluewater Avalon for dinner one evening. Here’s my red snapper with spinach and risotto: the breading on the snapper was to die for!

red snapper and risotto

A fun little excursion we went on was a sea lion tour! My cute, nerdy hubby and I happened to be the only ones on it- so we got a private tour of these sweet creatures…

sea lions beach

sealions buoy

sealions close

swimming sealion

Before we knew it, it was time to board the Catalina Express again, but we wouldn’t mind coming back to Catalina in the future!



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