Age of Miracles


I’m going to let the book description speak for itself…

On an ordinary Saturday in a California suburb, Julia awakes to discover that
something has happened to the rotation of the earth. The days and nights are
growing longer and longer; gravity is affected; the birds, the tides, human
behavior, and cosmic rhythms are thrown into disarray. In a world that seems
filled with danger and loss, Julia also must face surprising developments in
herself, and in her personal world—divisions widening between her parents,
strange behavior by her friends, the pain and vulnerability of first love, a
growing sense of isolation, and a surprising, rebellious new strength. With
crystalline prose and the indelible magic of a born storyteller, Karen Thompson
Walker gives us a breathtaking portrait of people finding ways to go on in an
ever-evolving world.

Fascinating and so intricate in its details and insight into what would happen in this situation such as bird behavior being affected, effects of UV rays, and humanity’s vulnerability- wow!

Ideas? Thoughts? Insights? I'd love to hear them!

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