Here’s to 2014!

I remember when I was about 11 years old someone said to me that if over the course of a year, you have gained some sort of knowledge, have learned something new from the previous year, no matter how small, then it has been a year well spent.

Looking back on 2013, I can definitely say that I learned some new things!

In the wedding world, I soaked up some words of wisdom about diffusing difficult situations, style and color pairings, and challenges of weddings in a tent and unusual venues at the Annual Association of Bridal Consultants Conference in West Palm Beach, Miami. Couples with whom I worked challenged me to think more sharply and efficiently, come up with more “Plan B’s,” and cherish this special time in their lives; every couple and every wedding is so unique.

In the school world, I went to a 50% job share, sharing my third grade classroom with a “partner in crime.” I learned about the grace of letting go, flexibility, patience, and the empowerment that balance can bring to your life. My new class, like all other classes, has its own heartbeat and culture so different from any others in the eight years before it.

However, it is in my personal world that I believe I grew the most: spiritually, physically, emotionally…

Murphy Family 2013

Brian and I are going to be parents in May 2014!

This adventure has paralleled no other I’ve had before it.

It’s incredible, almost unbelievable, and I am so thankful that 2013 and 2014 are ushering in this new phase in our lives.

Thank you for coming along with me…

Happy New Year!


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