Carolyne and Jerry’s Playful Engagement Shoot with Dog Indy!

Carolyne and Jerry are getting married in July and to celebrate their engagement, participated in a fun-filled engagement photo shoot with their sweet dog Indy and talented husband/wife photography team The Yodsukars!


Where did this take place, you ask? At The Arboretum




Christine of The Yodsukars said of this lovely couple:

Carolyne and Jerry are these two go-getters that as soon as you are in the presence of, you want to go get something too! They made us excited and ready for anything from the moment we met them, so when we met at the LA Arboretum for their Engagement Session it was quite the energy filled photo shoot. Every inch of the Arboretum is gorgeous, so it was less about finding a spot, and more about letting our stroll through the park as well as Carolyne and Jerry’s memories of certain spots in the park guide us. We even got to meet their pup and do a family shoot! It was awesome! It was an amazing day and what resulted were gorgeous images of two beautiful people.





Congratulations, Carolyne, Jerry, and Indy!



Stay tuned for pics of their upcoming wedding this summer:)

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