Gina & Zach’s Peaceful Engagement Session at Green Valley Lake…

I’ve been working with Gina and Zach to plan their wedding since March 2012! I love their down-to-earth attitude, evident authenticity, and commitment to staying true to who they are. Gina also provides a different bride perspective since she is a photographer herself, and often photographs weddings! They selected Gina’s good friend and trusted fellow wedding photographer Kimberly of Kimberly April Photography to be their wedding photographer.




Green Valley Lake is a little community nestled in the San Bernardino Mountains, where Zach’s parents have a cabin, and Gina and Zach decided to have their engagement photos taken there, accompanied by their sweet dog Lilly…




Gina said of their engagement session:

Zach and I went back and forth about a location to do our photos. We knew we wanted Lilly to be apart of them no matter what, and since we’re pretty simple people, we decided to go up to his parent’s cabin in Green Valley Lake, and do the photos up there. We’ve been going to the cabin since we got together to get away and relax, so it just seemed right for us. We were running behind schedule, which for me is a huge deal. When we got to the cabin Kimberly was there and we rushed inside to figure out our outfits before we started losing light. In the middle of rushing out of the house, and up the mountain, my shoes for the shoot were forgotten and I only had my flip flops which I was wearing. Ooops! So, the day before a big storm hit, we take off for some photos. We had a great time shooting even though we were freezing our butts off. LOL I’m so glad we went up to Green Valley Lake, it’s just “us”.




After their engagement session, their photographer Kimberly said to the couple:

Gina & Zach, it is an honor to be photographing your wedding in July.  Your love and dedication to each other is inspiring and I’m so happy for you to finally be the ones getting married instead of photographing someone else’s wedding!



Stay tuned for photos of Gina and Zach’s wedding, coming this summer!

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