Sage Advice on Parenting From Third Graders…


When my third graders threw me a baby shower on my last teaching day before I took off on maternity leave, they wrote thoughtful cards to me and my husband, giving us their advice on parenthood…

Here are some of the wisest pieces of advice:

“You should buy her a limousine and get her a motorcycle and $100,000 jacket. Read her lots and lots of books so she will be smart.” ~Love, Jack


“I’m happy for you! Here’s some advice. If any part of your family is in a bad mood, keep him or her away from the baby until he or she calms down again, and don’t take Baby Murphy out unless you need to.” ~Cindy

“I will miss you when you have Baby Murphy. Give your baby girl lots of cuddles.” ~Love, Molly


“Make sure she is awesome! Also make sure she is super nice! Make sure she is athletic. Super… Funny! And very smart.” ~From Jake

“I hope you enjoy spending time with your baby. Her first smile to the world will spread happiness. Advice: try to rock your baby before she goes to sleep. Shhhh!” ~From Nicole

rock baby

“Always get the baby warm clothes so she doesn’t get sick.” ~From Grant

“I hope you enjoy the amazing time you’ll have with your baby girl. P.S. Make sure to eat a lot of healthy foods and relax a lot!” ~Love, Kaya

healthy food

“”If she does not want to do stuff, tell her you will give her candy if she does it.” ~From Cyrus

“Don’t let her watch t.v. until she’s two. If she’s crying, she’s sleepy. Make sure she uses her manners.” ~From Caleb

sleepy baby

“My advice to you is to be the best mom you can be!” ~India

We’ll certainly try to be the best parents we can be!!

try best





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