Three Years of Wedded Fun!

My cute, nerdy husband and I celebrated our three year anniversary last week!

We got married on August 6, 2011, and these past three years have been filled with fun experiences, traveling, great food, snuggling, and most recently… a little baby!

On Wednesday (our actual anniversary), I surprised Brian with these whimsical Susie Cakes red velvet cupcakes (our wedding cake was a red velvet one and colors were lavender and pistachio:)


Saturday night was when we celebrated with our first dinner out- without our little one;) We went to Petro’s in Manhattan Beach and enjoyed amazing Greek food, such as this grilled octopus and beets appetizer…


I am lucky and so thankful to be married to someone who spends quality time with me, sharing new experiences.

Having a newborn has helped “Team Murphy” solidify and become even stronger! It is incredible watching someone you love blossom into a phenomenal parent through raw love and adoration, and still have enough energy left to nurture your relationship.


I am so grateful for my sweet husband.

Okay, gush fest over!;)


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