Be You

When I saw the title of the heartfelt video that The Yodsukars created for Ariel and Scott, I thought it was spot on. So true to who they are and who they try to foster in each other.

I think you learn so much about a couple from their wedding toasts, and theirs were a testament to their powerful impact on those around them: the siblings who admire their tenacity, their friends who appreciate their loyalty, and their parents who feel privileged to call them their own.

I didn’t get through this video without sniffling and tearing up- grab that tissue box and then hit play!

Congratulations, Ariel and Scott!

2 thoughts on “Be You

  1. Love you, Jackie, for your big heart, your determination and drive to achieve the absolute best every single time, and for sharing your beautiful self with us and your couples. You are truly the best of the best!

    • Oh shucks! You are too kind- I feel lucky that we get to share in the wedding experience of amazing couples like Ariel and Scott who inspire us with their authenticity and sense of what is truly important in life. Thank you and Rich so much for also being one of those couples with whom I am lucky to work and be around, xoxo

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