…And then I’ll be married to my best friend.

These words were spoken from the mouth of groom Zach, just moments before he saw his bride Gina for the first time! Please click HERE to see Kimberly April Photography’s lovely post about their special day:) Congrats, Gina and Zach!!

…And Dog Wedding Cookies?!!

Jennifer and David got married on August 23, 2014 at McCormick Home Ranch in Camarillo! Their wedding was filled with DIY touches, and not Etsy DIY vendor touches- true chisel it yourself, hammer it in, write it yourself touches! As … Continue reading

Angelina Jolie’s Playful Wedding Dress!

I LOVE that Angelina Jolie had Luigi Massi, master tailor of Atelier Versace, sew dozens of colorful, whimsical designs of her kids’ drawings onto her A-line gown and veil! What a great way to celebrate family and ensure that the … Continue reading