DIY Holiday Gifts!

This year for my school holiday gifts, I was inspired by one of my favorite YouTube Channels, What’s Up Moms, to create DIY mugs for my colleagues!

I bought white ceramic mugs and gift tags from Dollar Tree, ordered oil-based Sharpies from Amazon, and then wrote the person’s name on the mug in a pun-intended kind of way, incorporating pictures (luckily, many of the teachers’ and staff members’ last names worked well with this idea, but I definitely had to be more creative with some than others). I then baked them in the oven at 425 degrees for 30 minutes each so that the ink became permanent for washing. At the end, I added a festive holiday napkin and a packet of Ghirardelli’s Peppermint Hot Chocolate with the gift tag on it as an added treat!

I made about twenty of these, but here’s how the third grade teachers’ mugs came out:

five mugs

Close-up on Mrs. Stern and Ms. Huckabay’s mugs:


Zooming in on Mrs. Diamond, Mrs. Lim, and Mrs. Fulton’s mugs:


I will say that I finished two of them and was like, there! And then was like, oh man, I have eighteen more to go (trying to fit them in whenever the baby was napping;)!!

However, the surprise and happiness on people’s faces when they received these was totally worth it:)

Happy Holidays!

Thank you so much for a wonderful year. I appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time to read this humble little blog from time to time.

Here’s to 2015!

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