Room Service or Proposal… or Both?!!

Katie and Cory are getting married this summer, and photographer Spencer Byam-Taylor captured this sweet, in love couple in these adorable engagement photos!
I’ve been privileged to have known Katie for quite some time now since she went to college with my sister at USC! I overlapped being a fellow Trojan with them for one year while they were undergraduate seniors and I was getting my Master’s Degree and Teaching Credential at USC. It has been inspiring and heart warming to see Katie grow up, evolve, and find the love of her life during these past years.
Their romantic proposal story, as told by Katie:
On a Valentine’s Day trip to Vegas, my fiancé had our hotel room set up with 3 dozen roses, champagne and a covered room service plate. When I lifted the cover, I was staring at 4 chocolate covered strawberries and “Will You Marry Me?” written in chocolate sauce. My knees dropped, my eyes filled with water, and my hands shook as I turned around and saw the love of my life and best friend on one knee with a ring. I’m so excited to be his wife.
Congratulations, Katie and Cory!
Stay tuned for pics of their spring wedding, coming up in May!

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