A Tasting all for Moi?! Oui, Oui!!

So one of the many perks of being a wedding coordinator is getting to attend catering tastings with my couples! This most recent one at The Castaway in Burbank was a first for me though; since Tania and Jason are in the Navy and currently in Hawaii, they entrusted me with the important job of selecting their wedding food!!

A foodie at heart, I accepted this job (sigh, if it must be done, it must be done;) Ooh, one more steak skewer, please- I don’t think I quite tasted that first one adequately!). I am so very fortunate that Tania and Jason trust my foodie instincts and judgment! I told them that I would be focusing on overall taste, as well as balance, plus taking into account Jason’s love of meat… So fun!!

Another first for me was this was the first “mass” tasting I have experienced. Normally, it’s the caterer, the couple, and me, but The Castaway is such a popular venue that it organizes its tastings every few months, with about 150 attendees or so (about the size of your average wedding, which is handy).

When I walked in, the reception room looked like this:


Preferred vendors were spread all over the perimeter of the room such as Katrina Ward the harpist, photographer Tony Santana of Heart and Video, and dessert specialist Chloe Cake & Sweet Buffet…

harpist karina



We were served passed appetizers such as steak skewers, mini quesadillas, and spicy shrimp, while we found our tables and checked out these preferred vendors!

After manager Alex Moon introduced all the vendors, then the buffet table was open…


…including the carving station (yes, Jason!)…

carving station

We were given a little checklist on which to take tasting notes on!

I am so excited about Tania and Jason’s wedding menu for their “Platinum” meal! Thanks to Tania and Jason for trusting me to do this for you, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy it in a few months’ time… Mmmm…

Ideas? Thoughts? Insights? I'd love to hear them!

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