Green Tea Frappucino

I thought this was an appropriate article to reblog since this is what’s on tap for me this morning! Mmm..

You’ve probably already heard about all the great health benefits of green tea right?  It’s loaded with antioxidants, improves brain function, helps with weight loss (!), and may lower the risk of cancer. Here’s a popular frozen drink that you can have as much as you’d like…

Green Tea Frappucino by Le Zoe Musings

In addition to the matcha (green tea) powder, all of the other ingredients are pretty beneficial as well. Soy milk helps to reduce cholesterol and maple syrup calms tummy troubles and boosts your immune system. But honestly, I’m not drinking this cause it’s healthy. It’s just so darn yummy and refreshing!

There are many variations to Green Tea Frappucino. I use soy milk and maple syrup because it’s what we have. My kids are lactose intolerant so we don’t have whole milk in the house and we all loveeee maple syrup. You can substitute with any sweetener of choice and play with the…

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