Now Assembling…

Green & simple to assemble end-of-year gifts for fellow teachers and staff!

As a mommy of a one-year-old, I am short on time nowadays (as we all are!),

so I’m constantly trying to find ways to still be thoughtful and creative, while being time-conscious too.

For the amazing teachers on my third grade team: From Amazon, I purchased “Wine Walkers”, BPA-free, high-quality silicone wine “glasses” that are portable and fun (you can even stick them in your pocket since they are squishy!) I used the brown wrapping packing paper that came with the Amazon Prime box the glasses arrived in to wrap Chilean chardonnay from CVS (think crisp, cool, and summery!), and placed those, plus the glasses in rainbow gift bags I bought from CVS too! I also used brown paper to create “wavy” tags that say, ‘Have a refreshing summer! Enjoy these BPA-free, silicone glasses “to go”!’

For fabulous teacher friends on other teams, as well as incredibly helpful staff members: Lindt chocolate truffles from CVS, with a floral touch! I took some purple tissue paper squares, fanned them out, twisted them to create a tissue paper flower, then stapled them on to brown grocery bag handles, and wrote messages on those saying, “Have a sweet summer!”

Here’s what I assembled during my daughter’s nap time…

teacher gift

staff gift

Happy end of the school year, and beginning of summer!

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