Business Bootcamp!

On Tuesday I attended the ABC-GLA February Networking and Educational Mixer at the Huffington Center.





What I love about these mixers is that I get to make more connections with people, sample delicious food, visit new venues in LA, and learn something new every time!

closeup flowers

These vintage-themed flowers from Lotus & Lily were gorgeous!

Jackie and Michele do such lovely work…flowers

Brian Leahy was the photographer for the event, and his work is stunning.

We chatted, and he just loves how fun-loving his clients are!

In an ideal world, he would photograph very small weddings as he loves the intimacy of those events.

brian leahy

You know I can’t resist this part of events… the food!!





Chris Evans presented “Grow Your Bridal Business,” an introduction to the Business Bootcamp that he runs at Evans Sales Solutions!

I love that he arrived dressed for the part, in boot camp attire.

chris evans

They also held a raffle for various exciting prizes such as cell phone covers, a stay at the Doubletree, an engagement photo shoot, a Hornblower Cruise brunch buffet… and many more…

Now I’m not one of those people who tends to win things, but I bought three tickets just for kicks.

I was joking with people at my table that one of them ended in “88,” and since the number 8 is very lucky in Chinese culture (Brian and I got married in August, month number 8, for that very reason;), I said I felt good about my three little tickets.

Well, the ticket ending in 88 didn’t win, but the one ending in 90 did!!!


I won dinner for two at Lawry’s, the Prime Rib Restaurant!

I do love attending these events;)