The Bears Movie Says it All… Happy Mother’s Day!

I saw the Disney Bears movie on Friday, and it really was well suited for Mother’s Day!

At the beginning, you get to see the sweet little newborn baby cubs and the narrator describes how the first year of parenthood is the hardest (since I’m due any day now, I definitely connected with and I’m sure will continue to relate to this point;)

Disneynature's BEARS

You get to see the two cubs, whom they call Amber and Scout, frolicking and playing together as siblings…

Disneynature's BEARS

But mostly, you see the amount of protection and caring that is evident from their mother, Sky, as she shields them from predators like wolves and other bears, as well as forages for food to keep her milk production up and stores up energy for hibernation…



Happy Mother’s Day to my mom from afar, as well as to the other mamas out there!