Sage Advice on Parenting From Third Graders…

When my third graders threw me a baby shower on my last teaching day before I took off on maternity leave, they wrote thoughtful cards to me and my husband, giving us their advice on parenthood… Here are some of … Continue reading

Paper Students at Back To School Night!

Back to School Night took place on Thursday evening! It’s an evening where the teachers introduce curriculum that will be taught that year, establish a team with the parents, and create systems of communication and organization that will continue that … Continue reading

I Teach. What’s Your Superpower?

This was what an adorable tote bag gift from one of my students says- Love it! So I’ve been teaching in public school for 8 years now, and just experienced the most heart-warming last day of school moment yet! On Thursday at dismissal, I … Continue reading

The Future, According to Third Graders

In my “other” life, I am a third grade teacher and my students are currently writing their autobiographies! The final chapter, “The Future” is my favorite of all the chapters to read… Here’s why… (names have been altered, but words … Continue reading