Seeing My Name in Print

Like a starstruck fan flipping through US Weekly for glimpses of my favorite celebrities, I was pouring over Wedding Planner Magazine and excitedly identifying Master Bridal Consultants, wedding planners for the stars, and other members I’d met when my heart skipped a … Continue reading

Remember the First Day of School?

Yesterday was the first day of school! Do you remember your first day of third grade? Here’s my owl-themed classroom… Room 15 is a hoot! I definitely have a bunch of sweethearts! They look so little and innocent at the beginning … Continue reading

Winner of Weddings With Insight’s Contest!

8 weeks ago, Weddings With Insight by Jackie Murphy launched the Petrossian Restaurant Gift Certificate Contest and today we have a winner! First of all, I just wanted to say thank you to all of the contestants for their “likes,” … Continue reading

Scouting For the Perfect Location to get Married…

 This past weekend, I went scouting for a wedding location with a couple who are looking for a simple, rustic grassy backdrop for their intimate 20 to 25 person wedding! I love their concept of having a natural setting, involving their sweet dog Lilly … Continue reading

Caviar, Anyone?

Brought to you by Weddings With Insight by Jackie Murphy: French Restaurant Gift Certicate Contest! Only five more weeks remain in this contest… For those of you who enjoy a little bit of friendly competition, begin salivating when you hear … Continue reading