Angelina Jolie’s Playful Wedding Dress!

I LOVE that Angelina Jolie had Luigi Massi, master tailor of Atelier Versace, sew dozens of colorful, whimsical designs of her kids’ drawings onto her A-line gown and veil! What a great way to celebrate family and ensure that the … Continue reading

Wait- Is That a Wedding Dress Made of- Balloons?!!

(Photographer: Nora Tam, Newspaper: South China Morning Post) Yes, that’s right. A balloon (Chinese) wedding dress! If you happen to be getting married in Hong Kong, balloon artist Phoebe Chan can create your very own balloon wedding dress for your special day. … Continue reading

Trunk Show and Bride Tour!

Pasadena Bride Tour This bride tour celebrates Pasadena as the perfect wedding destination, home to some of the most elegant, historic, and chic wedding venues in Southern California! Fotonuova Photography will be your guide as you take a journey to some of the magnificent … Continue reading