Stardust at the Beverly Hilton!

Susan and Steve were married on May 30, 2015!

beverly hilton


janice and susan


They are that story of hope and romance that sparkles like their wedding theme: stardust!

florALS guest book initials


pics place cards

square floral

They first met in the Stardust Ballroom, and here is an excerpt of what their officiant said during their ceremony of this theme:

This place is special beyond the loveliness of its name. This Stardust Ballroom played an important role in the beginning of Susan and Steve’s love story. In the summer 2013 their first dinner-date was at Trader Vic’s (which is here at the Hilton, downstairs). It happened to be the 4th of July, and after a wonderful dinner, where they couldn’t stop talking, sharing and flirting, Susan wondered if they could somehow get up to the roof to watch fireworks. As you know, Susan works as a makeup artist on press junkets, which normally shoot in hotels around town. She remembered the Stardust  from a recent job, and that it had rooftop access. Lo and behold it was unlocked! That night they held hands and stole through the darkened rooms (now your dining area) and out onto the roof where they were greeted by a night sky full of fireworks all to themselves. About 10 yards from right here is where they shared their first kiss, under the stars and starbursts. So this place has special and significant meaning to them…

ceremony 1 ceremony candles


Photographer Sean Mason of Sean Mason Photography said of Susan and Steve’s wedding day:

Two wonderful people, an Iconic location, and a beautiful evening all added up to a
picture perfect wedding for Susan and Steve!  The Beverly Hilton, with all its history and splendor never
had it so good as Susan and Steve’s wedding wasn’t so much about the ritz of Hollywood, rather it was about romance, raw emotion, and the rarest of rare kind of love that most of Hollywood can only dream about!

Congratulations Susan and Steve! 
We know the last line of your story………”and they lived happily ever after!”

chase chaseclor crowdandchase


I thoroughly enjoyed their fun and playful dynamic, as well as getting to know their hilarious and animated family and friends!

table top table


Congratulations, Susan and Steve!!

beverly hilton couple

walking away

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