Happy Three Year Blogversary!

I can’t believe that three years have gone by since I wrote this first blog posting!


Thanks so much to those of you who have stuck with Weddings With Insight since the beginning (my hubby Brian, Mom, Daddy, my sister Leslie!;), to those of you who joined somewhere in the middle, and to those of you who are new friends and readers! I appreciate your online “company” and support through this journey of engagements, weddings, teaching, and life!

Here’s to three more years and beyond…



DIY: Celtic Knot Headband

Love this festive headband!

The Renegade Seamstress


Isn’t she beautiful!!! She’s a bit Celtic.

And I’m kind of fascinated with Celtic things.

I’d LOVE to take her to Scotland someday! If we’re ever lucky enough to travel there, the first thing on my agenda will be to head on over to our castle for a photo shoot!

“You have a castle in Scotland?” I can hear you asking.

Well, sort of.

You see, my maiden name is Crichton. Pronounced like Michael Crichton, the author of Jurassic Park. (Oh, so fun to name drop) And I am a direct descendent of Lord William Crichton, who was Chancellor of Scotland (1439-1443 & 1448-1454). This was his castle and even though it changed hands throughout the ages, it’s still called the Crichton Castle, so I’m going with it. 🙂 Crichton Castle Stables


Perfect place for a photo shoot don’t you think?


Someday, I’ll go there and take some pictures of Brooke in this courtyard…

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